Education is at the heart of WAC’s mission. We help students to expand their world through the state-wide Academic WorldQuest™ Competition, opportunity to study/research abroad through the Hershberg Scholarship, and easy access to our speaker and visitor programs. In doing so, we provide educators and schools with the resources to prepare students to meet their cultural competency goals and to be global citizens for the international challenges of tomorrow.

The David Hershberg Scholarship

Made possible thanks to a generous gift from the Hershberg family, this annual scholarship awards recipients funds of at least $1,500 to be used to help defray the costs of international travel, lodging, and maintenance for a period of at least 21 days of study or research outside the United States. Candidates are evaluated on the basis of their academic merit and on the importance of their proposed study/research abroad experience for their personal, intellectual, and professional career goals.

Learn more about this scholarship—including how to apply—by visiting our Hershberg Scholarship Page!

Academic WorldQuest

Academic WorldQuest

Academic WorldQuest™ is an annual team competition testing high school students’ knowledge of international affairs, geography, history, and world cultures. The winning team from our local competition has the opportunity to travel to Washington, D.C. to compete in the National Academic WorldQuest™ competition, usually held in April.

Visit our Academic WorldQuest™ Page to learn more!

NEW! Global Citizenship Certificate Program

The World Affairs Council’s newest education initiative, The Global Citizenship Certificate Program (GCCP) is an interactive educational program that recognizes high school students in Kentucky and Southern Indiana who have demonstrated a dedication to global citizenship. In this uniquely student-driven program, students work to complete coursework and extracurricular experiences, among other requirements, to achieve the certificate over 2-4 years.

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The Japan Outreach Initiative

The Japan Outreach Initiative (JOI) aims to promote awareness and understanding of Japan in regions of the United States with relatively few Japanese activities. It partners education and outreach coordinators from Japan with local organizations in the U.S. to create grassroots awareness of Japanese culture through activities, workshops, and events.

To learn about the kinds of activities and presentations offered by our coordinator Ayako Nakajima or request one for your school or organization, click here!