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Wahhibism and the Spread of Global Extremism

On April 26, we hosted acclaimed author and Middle East cross-cultural consultant Terence Ward, who discussed the development and spread of Wahhibism, the conservative Islamic sect that provides the ideological basis for ISIS, Al-Qaeda and other terrorist organizations. In the talk, Ward also examines Saudi Arabia’s recognition of Wahhibism as the official state religion and […]

Venezuela Crises Set to Escalate as General Strike Begins

Written by Alicia Hernandez and Sibylla Brodzinsky. Read the original article on the Guardian. Image credit: The Guardian. Venezuela is bracing for an escalation of the confrontation between the government and the opposition as the country awoke to near paralysis on Thursday at the beginning of a general strike. Caracas, the capital, was littered with roadblocks […]

South Korea Seeks Rare Talks with North Korea to Ease Military Tensions

Written by the Agence France-Presse in Seoul. See the original article on the Guardian. South Korea has offered to hold rare military talks with the North to ease tensions after Pyongyang’s first intercontinental ballistic missile test earlier this month. Monday’s offer, the first since South Korea elected the moderate Moon Jae-In as president, came as the Red Cross in […]

They Fled Boko Haram and Famine – and then They Were Forced Back

Written by Kevin Sieff. Read the original article on The Washington Post. Image credit: The Washington Post. BANKI, Nigeria — The soldiers arrived in the middle of the night, tearing through the village of Nigerian refugees, barging into stick huts where families slept in knots on the floor. For years, those refugees had been on the […]

‘We’ve lost democracy’: on the road with Turkey’s justice marchers

Written by Kareem Shaheen. Read the original article on the Guardian. Image credit: The Guardian. Hıdır Aydur rested his blistered feet under the shade of a tree on the side of the highway that runs between Ankara and Istanbul. The 57-year-old, from Erzincan in Turkey’s north-east, who has diabetes, had been marching for 15 days. […]