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Saudi Crown Prince’s Ascendancy Gives Hope of Reform – But it May be Premature

Written by Martin Chulov. Read the original article on the Guardian. Image credit: the Guardian. On the streets of Riyadh, in its shopping malls and public spaces, Saudi Arabia’s religious police had long been a foreboding presence. They could reach into private lives at will, with powers that few could challenge, enforcing an ultra-conservative brand […]

Brussels’ Secret Weapon in Cyprus Talks: Halloumi Cheese

Written by Simon Marks and Sara Stefanini. Read the original article on Politico. Image credit: Politico. Salty, grillable halloumi cheese from Cyprus is the unlikely star player in the country’s reunification process. The European Commission is weighing whether to award a special legal protection to the rubbery delicacy on account of the centuries-old techniques used […]

How to Hate Each Other Peacefully in a Democracy

Written by Shadi Hamid. Read the original article on the Atlantic. Photo Credit: the Atlantic It is difficult to imagine it now, but continental Europe struggled with foundational divides—with periodic warnings of civil war—as recently as the 1950s. Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, and the Netherlands were divided into ideologically opposed subcultures, sometimes called “spiritual families” or “pillars.” […]

Erdogan-Putin: Ready to settle scores with the US and the West

Huffington Post Raghida Dergham When the tsar Vladimir Putin meets with the sultan Recep Tayyip Erdogan next week in Moscow in the latter’s first foreign visit following the failed coup attempt, the Russian president will feel like a vindicated peacock before a cowering turkey. But they are both apprehensive men, concerned for their repressive authorities […]

Why Russia doesn’t want Aleppo to fall

Al-Monitor Yury Barmin War-torn Aleppo has come into the spotlight again this week with rebels’ breaking through a weekslong siege by Syrian forces in a matter of days. The initial success of President Bashar al-Assad’s siege, which clearly emboldened him, could have led to the fall of the second-largest city in Syria and has become a significant victory for the pro-Damascus […]

Fictionalizing Syria

The Cipher Brief Ammar Almamoun It is now almost six years since the Syrian Revolution began, and to this day, the concept of an “ideal” end state remains vague and out of reach. Will Syria become a democracy or will it remain a dictatorship? Will the country remain technically united but suffer from conflict between […]

Jean-Claude Juncker’s next big thing

The European Commission is quietly preparing to unleash a flood of policy initiatives to boost workers’ rights across the EU, rebooting plans by Jean-Claude Juncker that were kept mostly out of sight during the Brexit debate.  With the U.K. preparing to leave, Juncker wants to give a new push to the “European pillar of social rights” — a proposal he first mentioned […]