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Modi’s Visit to Washington

Narendra Modi’s Washington rehabilitation is complete. That’s the chief takeaway from the Indian prime minister’s three-day visit to the U.S. capital. His agenda included a sit-down with President Barack Obama; addressing a joint session of Congress; and meetings with top CEOs, the World Bank director, several U.S. Cabinet members, and Washington think tankers. Mr. Modi received a hero’s welcome […]

SCO heralds winds of change in South Asian security

MK Bhadrakumar May 27th, 2016 [Original Article] Membership in Shanghai Cooperation Organization will provide India and Pakistan a rare opportunity of co-habitation to kick-start a normalization process that eluded them for six decades. As a vista of unprecedented scale of interaction in security cooperation opens up, the two neighbors are likely to improve their ties The foreign ministers […]

France Is on Strike But the Real Problem Is Even Worse: Q&A

Gregory Viscusi May 30, 2016 [Original Article] French President Francois Hollande is facing the most serious public unrest since he came to office four years ago. Most of the country’s refineries have been on strike for a week. Protesters have blockaded refineries and fuel depots, causing shortages and long lines at gasoline stations. Air traffic controllers and […]

A British vote to leave the E.U. could shatter the United Kingdom

Griff Witte – May 30th [Original Article] EDINBURGH, Scotland — When Scotland voted in an independence referendum in September 2014, nationalist leaders pitched it as a once-in-a-generation chance to break a three- century-old bond. But less than two years after Scots opted to remain in the United Kingdom, the specter of secession again looms over the lush […]