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Op Ed: Diplomacy Is the Only Option with North Korea

by Thomas Graham Jr. This article originally appeared in U.S. News and World Report. The great Cold Warrior and international negotiator Ambassador Paul Nitze once said to me “Whenever I enter one of these negotiations (U.S.-Soviet nuclear arms negotiations) I try to imagine the narrow strip where both sides can stand comfortably. Then I try […]

How Hassan Rouhani Won in Iran

Written by Vali Nasr. Read the original article on The Atlantic. Image credit: The Atlantic Hassan Rouhani has won a clear victory to a second term as Iran’s president. The turnout in Friday’s election was close to 73 percent, with the incumbent taking some 56 percent of the over-40 million votes cast. Turnout in the last […]

Will China and India Lead The Next Wave of Globalization?

Written by Monish Tourangbam and Pawan Amin. Read the original article on The Diplomat. Image credit: Flickr / Narendra Modi On May 14, while addressing the gathering of 29 heads of state and other high level representatives attending the Belt and Road summit, Chinese President Xi Jinping projected the Belt and Road as a “road of opening […]

Is France’s Political Crisis Just Beginning?

Written by Uri Friedman. Read the original article on The Atlantic. Image credit: The Atlantic Emmanuel Macron, the next president of France, campaigned on a slogan of “Together, France!” And why not? He is a sunny centrist who attracted votes from the left and the right to decisively defeat the far-right nationalist Marine Le Pen […]

The art of surviving a Venezuela on the brink

Written by Marcos Gomez, Director of Amnesty International Venezuela. Read the original article on Al Jazeera. Image Credit: Al Jazeera The seemingly endless crisis in Venezuela appears to have entered a new, dark and alarming chapter. As if coming off the pages of a terrifying thriller, a crisis that seemed to have reached its worst point in […]

The Turkish constitutional referendum, explained

Written by Sinan Ekim and Kemal Kirişci. Read the original article on Brookings.edu. Image Credit: Brookings.edu   This Sunday, the Turkish electorate will vote in a nationwide referendum on several proposed amendments to the constitution. This is Turkey’s seventh constitutional referendum since its transition from single-party rule to a multi-party system in 1946. The current constitution, […]