Global Citizenship Certificate Program for High School Students

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Global Citizenship Certificate Program

The Global Citizenship Certificate Program (GCCP) is a rigorous educational program to recognize high school students who have demonstrated a dedication to expanding their global perspectives with international experiences. Students will lead their own path through the structured framework of the program the World Affairs Council has developed to complete the program’s requirements at their own pace over 2-4 years.

Students enrolled in the GCCP will add to their regular high school experience with a variety of globally focused coursework and extracurricular experiences, and track their progress online via the MobileServe app. Upon the completion of the GCCP with a Capstone project, each student will have demonstrated ability to:

  1. Investigate the world and recognize diverse perspectives: Students discover the world beyond their immediate environment and identify differing perspectives
  2. Communicate with diverse groups: Students can effectively exchange ideas with diverse audiences
  3. Translate ideas into positive action (apply learning through community engagement): Students transform their knowledge into appropriate actions that improve conditions in their community

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I get for completing the program?

All students that complete the program will be recognized with, you guessed it, a certificate. Recipients can list this achievement on resumes and college applications as a mark of their dedication and experience.

Beyond the certificate itself, the GCCP will more importantly provide students with experiences and opportunities beyond a normal high school experience. The WAC has created a structured path that each student will follow through their own creativity and leadership.

Overall, undertaking this program will prepare students for success with broader global understanding and tangible, marketable skills like dual language proficiency, work/volunteer experience, and a wide range of knowledge you can apply toward future academic and professional careers.

How much does the GCCP cost?

In an effort to ensure the GCCP is available to all students in Kentucky and Southern Indiana, regardless of their economic means, there is no direct cost to apply for or join the GCCP at this time except the costs of transportation to and fro any events they attend, and the cost of a language proficiency test*.

The WAC seeks to regularly provide students with free and local resources, including those provided by the WAC itself. They may choose to undertake activities for their requirements that have an associated cost (eg. a celebration or festival with an entrance fee), though doing so is not required.

*As part of the GCCP, students are expected to take a language proficiency test (STAMP4S, IB, AP, SAT Subject) in a second language other than English, and are responsible for the cost unless their school or another scholarship program covers this cost. Costs range for each test, and more information will be available as students enroll in the program on pricing.

Who can apply?

High school students, grades 9-11, from Kentucky or Southern Indiana are welcome to apply. Students can apply to participate any year between 9-11th grade, but only coursework requirements can be applied retroactively. All other requirements must be completed between program acceptance and graduation.

How do I apply?

The WAC is now accepting applications for the 2017-18 school year. Apply to the program by filling out an online application by October 15th.  An admissions decision will be returned to you by October 31st.

All students with an interest in global affairs and international perspectives are encouraged to apply, regardless of their prior academic or social experience. This includes students learning English as a Second Language and non-traditional students.

How long will this program take me to complete?

The GCCP is a minimum two-year program that can be completed in four years, depending on which year they enter the program. The program is student-driven so the specific time line is determined by the student. We recommend that students apply no later than Junior year to allow time to complete all of the program requirements.

Here are sample timelines of how a student could choose to complete the program requirements over 2–4 years. You can download the templates and use them to schedule out the program requirements for your own pace, opportunities, and chosen path

What do I have to do to complete the program and earn the certificate?

For each of the three competencies—Investigation, Communication, and Action—the GCCP has several requirements necessary to finish the program. These include attending lectures, an academic competition, and cultural events; completing coursework and internship/work experience; demonstrating proficiency in a language other than English; and a capstone project.

Please reference the Program Checklist for a comprehensive list of the GCCP requirements and necessary documentation.

What activities fulfill the GCCP requirements?

Once accepted into the GCCP, students will receive support in identifying GCCP appropriate activities. The WAC will provide regular communications and information about the many programs, activities, and resources that can help students in meeting the certificate requirements.

Examples of activities include volunteering with Kentucky Refugee Ministries, competing in KYA or KUNA, participating in Governor’s Cup, attending IdeaFestival, and celebrating at WorldFest! Students are also encouraged to participate in Academic WorldQuest™, an international affairs, geography, history, and culture competition sponsored by the WAC.

For students in the Louisville Metro area, the lecture component of the GCCP can be met by attending lectures included in the World Affairs Council’s Speakers’ Series and “Pop-up” speaker events. Tickets to these lectures are FREE for GCCP students!

For students outside of the Louisville Metro area, you may attend in-person lectures at universities, libraries, museums, and other institutions.

How do I track my requirements?

You will track your requirements using an online service called MobileServe. Once you are accepted into the program, you will be given a code to join the World Affairs Council as an organization within MobileServe.

From there, you will log your hours, get them verified by a supervisor, and post photos and reflections about your experiences. You can also connect with other students in the GCCP and share upcoming events related to your requirements.

For further information on using MobileServe, please consult the Mobile Serve Guide in resource links below.

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For Teachers

For further information about the education certificate program, please contact Samantha Risen at [email protected]