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For many of our visiting international groups, we ask volunteers to host the group for dinner on one night of the exchange. It’s an important part of the experience for our visitors, being able to experience American culture and families in a friendly and informal way. And for volunteering families, it’s a way to broaden their own experiences, get to know the rest of the world, and make lasting friendships without ever having to leave their own home.

If you’re interested in hosting one of our upcoming visitor groups, please contact [email protected]. Upcoming opportunities are listed below.

A Unique Opportunity for Cultural Exchange – Host a Student / Int’l Visitor!

Every year the World Affairs Council of Kentucky and Southern Indiana hosts a number of young international students through several exchange programs. Not only do these exchanges give adolescents and young adults the ability to broaden their education and experiences as global citizens, it also gives the local families who host them an inimitable experience in cultural exchange.

All of our host families receive complementary six-month World Traveler memberships to the World Affairs Council.

On weekdays, visitors are in programming about leadership activities, volunteerism, and their specific program sub-themes from morning until early evening (usually ending around 5:00pm).

Evenings are left free but there are occasional outings for baseball games or shopping. We generally do cultural activities as a group on Saturdays. Past examples have included a trip to Mammoth Cave, Holiday World, etc. (hosts are welcome but not required to attend). Sundays are left free for host family time as well as time to rest.

We do not require that hosts assist with transportation and can coordinate pick-ups and drop-offs, but assistance and carpooling  is encouraged if possible. As we often tell our hosts, we do not expect that their lives come to a halt during the program. Our visiting adults and/or students are kept busy, and in the past, other hosts have been happy to help when needed. We can arrange for other plans and activities during times of an evening conflict, for example.

If you’re interested in hosting a student, please contact [email protected].

For all these programs, the World Affairs Council Provides:

  • Professional and cultural programming
  • All necessary transportation to and from meetings
  • All in-home orientation for hosts
  • Orientation and cultural programming for visitors

Host Responsibilities:

  • Provide a private sleeping area (adults visitors/students may share rooms but need separate beds)
  • Include the guest(s) in breakfast and dinner
  • Share your city with them!

All students speak English.

For more information or to submit your application please contact Laura Duncan at (502) 561-5422 or [email protected]

Host Family/Volunteer Forms: