Upcoming Speaker Events

Upcoming Speaker Events

Our “World @ Home” Monthly Speaker Series is the local forum to directly engage international diplomats on a variety of international issues. Each month, we highlight a topic affecting our world and feature a diplomat, expert, policy maker, journalist and /or activist who “brings home” the relevance of that topic to our local community. Through this program, we stimulate dialogue between diverse sectors of our community, and in the process, inform our local citizenry on how to address and engage with these global issues in a local context. Past WAC speakers include Mikhail Gorbachev, Colin Powell, Christiane Amanpour, John Sculley, Malcolm Nance, as well as numerous ambassadors, academics and diplomats.

Thanks to a generous donation by the William E. Barth Foundation, we are now able to provide a limited number of complimentary tickets for students who wish to attend our World at Home speaker series. If you are an educator or student and would like more information on reserving these tickets, please contact [email protected].

It is our mission to inform and inspire our community to think and act globally. Thus,  in the fall of 2014 we reorganized our membership structure to maximize the value of this program – and others – for our community. To reap the most this program has to offer, please review our membership levels and consider joining the World Affairs Council of Kentucky and Southern Indiana today!

Past Speakers

Miss out on an event? All our talks are now being recorded and uploaded here in podcast form for you to listen to.

March 26
Frederik Obermaier — Panama and Paradise Papers: The Inside Story

April 26
Terence Ward — Wahhibism and the Spread of Global Extremism