Student Reflection

We cannot change the reality, so we cannot change the photo”, was the first of many quotes that energized my brain on Monday, June 10th. I was at Flux Art + Activism, an art museum in Louisville, that works to engage the community. This was my first World Affairs Council event that I had driven to myself, and it was nerve-wracking. I sat down at a table with a few students and adults. They were speaking in Spanish so I assumed they were the journalists. We began with a fun icebreaker of drawing a partner without looking. This is how I met Paul Antoine, a journalist from Mexico; Carlos from Chile and Dion from Belize.


This broke the awkward tension in the air and set us up for awesome discussions to come! Our first group question was, “is it ever acceptable to alter a photograph?”. The quote from the beginning was Carlos’ answer and I could tell it was going to be an eye-opening night, as we had differing opinions. Some believed that modeling ads and filters are acceptable, yet the journalists agreed that it is never right to alter a photo that will be published. “We cannot change the reality, so we cannot change the photo”.


Other questions were fun and required imaginations! “Where in the world would you want to visit or study abroad?” and “who would you choose to write your biography?”. Europe and Presidential biographers were the consensuses, except for me. I decided a biography written by J.K. Rowling would be epic… as long there was room for some elements of fantasy 🙂
                    Elana Berger, Floyd Central High School