The Un-Natural World: The Race to Remake Civilization


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We now live in a world in which every year is the hottest year on record, in which Ocean levels are rising, species are dying, and pollution is growing. With the regularity of grim forecasts about the future of the planet it is easy to despair about impact of human progress. Imagine, however, drones that can count trees, a stove fueled by human and animal waste, extinct animals brought back to life, and rocks that can absorb greenhouse gas. If human beings are capable of destroying the environment, then we should also be capable of saving it.

Join us as David Biello examines the more hopeful side of human technological advancement. From Elon Musk and electric cars to the sewers of London, Biello will give an overview of the history of artificial environmental change. More importantanly though, he will look at the scientists, leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs today who are trying to engineer an environment better for both the world and the people who inhabit it.

5:30 Reception
6:00 Program
7:30 Dinner

David Biello is the current Science Curator for TED and an award-winning journalist who writes on issues of energy and the environment. In the past he was the Environment and Energy Editor at Scientific American, and is the host of PBS documentary shows Beyond the Light Switch and The Ethanol Effect.

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