Indonesia | Online Approaches to Countering Terrorist Recruitment

December 6 – 11, 2018

Country: Indonesia

Project: Online Approaches to Countering Terrorist Recruitment

No. of Visitors:

Details coming soon…

African Region | NGOs and Civic Activism

October 27 – 31, 2018

Countries: Cameroon, Kenya, Mozambique, Nigeria, South Sudan, Zambia

Project: NGOs (Nongovernmental Organizations) and Civic Activism

No. of Visitors: 6

Six international visitors from Africa are visiting Louisville to explore NGOs and their role in promoting civic activism. Themes include:

  • Civic activism through the lens of civil rights
  • Grassroots support for marginalized communities
  • Foundation support for local nonprofits
  • University training in NGO leadership and management

Visitors will participate in a community service project. A home hospitality dinner will allow visitors a glimpse into the “everyday American family life.”