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Now Hiring: Marketing, PR and Communications Coordinator

WAC is seeking a Marketing/PR and Communications professional to drive public awareness of and engagement with WAC through various publicity, communications and marketing efforts. This includes working with the ED and marketing committee to strategize and implement a new branding initiative. […]

KY Standard: Russian journalists learn from Americans

Five Russian journalists who visited Bardstown Thursday contrasted the freedom of the American press with the constraints under which they must work in their country. – Kentucky Standard

African Delegation Observes Mid-Term Elections in Louisville (Plus An Interview with WFPL)

Eight delegates from seven different African countries arrived in Louisville on November 4, 2018. Prior to their arrival, the group had traveled extensively across the United States – to Washington, D.C., Annapolis and Baltimore, Miami, and Colorado Springs – learning about the U.S. electoral process, election monitoring, and effective campaigning. But no amount of travel […]

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